Advanced Breakout Board Version 5.6E - USB Passthrough

Advanced Breakout Board Version 5.6E - USB Passthrough


Latest Version - 5.6E!

RP2040 Advanced Breakout Board - USB Passthrough Edition is a pcb for arcade sticks / fight sticks.

The design measurements of the board is based on our old Akishop-Customs PS360+ (and later the Brooks pcbs) so it will fit great in most arcade sticks.

It uses the same chip as on the Raspberry Pi Pico but on this pcb it has all the GPIO pins available so it can be used to connect to everything inside your joystick controller and then some. This specific version includes a USB Passthrough for PS4/PS5/Xbox One authentication when using a dongle, for example the Mayflash Magicboots PS4 V1.1.

The software on it is open source and has a whole host of features. The software can be downloaded here if you wish to update in the future.

Some features are:

  • Select from 5 input modes: XInput, Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS3 and Keyboard
  • Overclocked polling rate for less than 1 ms of input latency in all modes.
  • Multiple SOCD cleaning modes - Up Priority (a.k.a. Stickless), Neutral, and Second Input Priority.
  • Left and Right stick emulation via D-pad inputs as well as dedicated toggle switches.
  • Dual direction via D-pad + LS/RS.
  • Reversed input via a button.
  • Turbo and Turbo LED with selectable speed.
  • Per-button RGB LED support.
  • PWM Player indicator LED support (XInput only).
  • Multiple LED profiles support.
  • Support for 128x64 monochrome I2C displays - SSD1306, SH1106, and SH1107 compatible.
  • Custom startup splash screen and easy image upload via web configuration.
  • Support for passive buzzer speaker (3v or 5v).
  • Web Configuration Support - setup everything through a browser.

- This pcb has BLACK terminal blocks and original (imported from JST in Osaka, Japan), BLACK, Vertical JST connectors on it.
- The pcb has ENIG surface finish for a little better quality.
- It has terminal blocks for most inputs so it is the easiest version of the board for the end user to work with.


Based on RP2040 Advanced Breakout board from the GP2040-CE project located at Github.

Copyright 2023 TheTrain and n-i-x

Licensed under CC BY 4.0