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Cables for Advanced Breakout Board and Passthrough Board

Cables for Advanced Breakout Board and Passthrough Board

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Cables for RP2040 Advanced Breakout Board.

In order for you to get the most out of your Advanced Breakout Board you need to use the connectors on it and in order to access those you need compatible cables.
The cables are threaded, have a wire size of 24AWG and have silicone isolation for ease of use.

The connectors are crimped using professional tools for a solid and lasting connection. The connectors themselves are of high quality, especially the JST ones which are directly imported from JST Osaka, Japan.

If you have any requests like you want a specific length or color combination you can always ask and if we are able to do it we will do so at no extra cost.

To be able to get access to the buttons L3, R3 and Touch you will have to use the 4-pin connector on the board. This cable helps you with that using 2.8mm quick disconnects on the end. This specific cable uses a splice connector (JST original) to allow for a proper ground connection.

Ever want to switch between DP, LS och RS? With this cable you will be able to hook up to a switch and physically change between the different modes. Cable uses 4.8mm quick disconnects.

If you have a Passthrough Board that you want to connect to your Advanced Breakout Board then these cables are for you. A total of three cables with black/red for Vcc, black/green for D+ and black/white for D- with original, black JST connectors on both ends.

The Advanced Breakout Board does not only offer the regular extensions, it also offers OLED support (just make sure your OLED screen is supported before you go ahead and order something). The cable has a 4-pin design (GND, Vcc, SDA, SCL) with a DuPont-designed connector on the OLED-end and a JST connector on the other end.

If you wish to use RGBs in your arcade stick then this is for you. Cable has a 3-pin JST connector on both sides but if you wish to use a different connector on one side then please let us know and we will try and help you.

If you wish to use the extra GPIO connections on the board then this is the cable for you. JST connector attaches to the board on one end and on the other end are cable ends but if you wish fro us to put something on the ends please let us know and we will do our best to follow your wishes.

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