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MiSTer Raspberry Pi Pico (GP2040-CE) + Enclosure (in different colors)

MiSTer Raspberry Pi Pico (GP2040-CE) + Enclosure (in different colors)

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If you are looking for a controller board for your arcade stick with the smallest bit of input lag then this is it. The controller is based on a Raspberry Pi Pico running open source software called GP2040-CE.

Some features are:

  • Select from 5 input modes: XInput, Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS3 and Keyboard
  • Overclocked polling rate for less than 1 ms of input latency in all modes.
  • Multiple SOCD cleaning modes - Up Priority (a.k.a. Stickless), Neutral, and Second Input Priority.
  • Left and Right stick emulation via D-pad inputs as well as dedicated toggle switches.
  • Dual direction via D-pad + LS/RS.
  • Reversed input via a button.
  • Turbo and Turbo LED with selectable speed.
  • Per-button RGB LED support.
  • PWM Player indicator LED support (XInput only).
  • Multiple LED profiles support.
  • Support for 128x64 monochrome I2C displays - SSD1306, SH1106, and SH1107 compatible.
  • Custom startup splash screen and easy image upload via web configuration.
  • Support for passive buzzer speaker (3v or 5v).
  • Web Configuration Support - setup everything through a browser.

The controller pcb is sold with our enclosure which offer a "tool-less" design (if you use sticky feet for the enclosure) for fastening it inside your arcade stick, you can of course also use screws and screw it down through the holes on the bottom of the enclosure.
The enclosure is offered in many different colors and the small button will come in all seven colors (total seven buttons for each enclosure) with each purchased enclosure so you can chose which one you like the best.

Note 1: The hole for the USB-cable can be a a little bit too small if the USB-jack on your cable is a too big so be sure to use a slimmer Micro B USB cable or file down the plastic a little.

Note 2: The enclosure is made to house the Raspberry Pi Pico pcb and not made to open and close many times as it wears out the plastic flaps on the lid. Also, when you open the enclosure please lift both sides up at the same time, this saves the flaps from potential damage.

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