New web shop and MSTR update

by aki cus on March 03, 2023

After some time thinking about it it finally happened, the shop is now online. But why, you may ask? Well, there are a couple of reasons but the main ones are INTEREST IN THE MiSTer Project and DEVELOPING SOMETHING NEW.

Why is MiSTer interesting? Well, as someone who grew up playing the NES I have very fond memories of that time. The rectangular controllers, the tube TV, the red light on the console… it feels like it was just yesterday, that is how ingrained those memories are. After those years I have played NES games on Windows/Mac, emulator consoles, official consoles et.c but the feeling was not there, these games were ment to be played on a old CRT screen and not a 50+ inch flat panel TV (although that is also possible to do). Move forward some years and I found out about something called the MiSTer, a FPGA based system that simulates the original hardware of the old consoles. I was immediately intrigued. Simulating original hardware? That is indeed possible using FPGA hardware and boy was I hooked. Not only could I play my favourite NES games and SNES again (AT 60Hz, people in Europe will understand), Megadrive, NeoGeo AES and even old DOS games like The Dig and Day of the Tentacle, it did everything I wanted, with precision. I have used this system a couple of years now and it is constantly updating with new features, both in software and hardware.

The second thing I was interested in was to develop something new, something “revolutionary” you might say, for the MiSTer system and that project was later named “MSTR”. I tried to find someone knowledgeable within this field who could help with this project and I came across Mike from Daemonbite, someone who is very respected within the community (especially because of his controller adapters). Since I live in Sweden and he lives in Finland we could both communicate in Swedish which was a bonus. We started the project and everything went well but after a few months we both had to stop because of different personal issues so everything went to a halt, that’s the bad news. The good news is that we started slowly working on the project again so please keep reading the news updates on the site to keep you updated (it is early in the process so please bare with us).

So yes, brand new web shop and mainly SNAC-adapters are being sold right now but expect the product range to expand in the near future.